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Stowe Ski Resort

Lauded as “the ski capital of the East,” by SKI Magazine readers, Stowe has transformed beautifully over the years from its first Winter Carnival in 1921 to its present day modern chairlifts and amenities. So, if you’re in search of a luxurious, well-reputed New England ski vacation, then Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort should be top-of-mind. Stowe is not only one of the most high-end Vermont ski resorts, with a variety of upscale lodging options, including one of the world’s most eco-friendly hotels, but it’s also incredibly accessible. Stowe provides its guests with convenient access, thanks to a 10-person intermountain transfer gondola which transports skiers and boarders to and from Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield base areas, which were previously separated by Highway 108. And if all of this isn’t enough, Stowe Mountain Resort is center-stage to Vermont’s highest mountain, Mount Mansfield, at 4,393 feet. Expert skiers can even enjoy backcountry skiing on Mount Mansfield.

While New England winters aren’t always predictable, Stowe is one of the best options for East Coast powderhounds with 333 inches of snow annually. But just in case Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, the resort has enough snowmaking to cover 90 percent of the mountain. Its modern lift system includes one of the world’s fastest eight-passenger gondolas and 100 percent of its terrain is accessible by high-speed lifts. 

Stowe’s received several new updates in the last couple of years, including Spruce Peak, a new ski in, ski out luxury hotel and spa, as well as some renovations to existing properties, plus a remodeled base area, two new high-speed detachable quads, a new beginner area and fully-automated snowmaking. The new base area plaza features shopping, dining, interactive ice carving and igloo building, live music, camp fires with outdoor seating and complimentary s’mores, a hit for adults and children alike. The town of Stowe, which is host to many lodging options, is an experience in itself. The quaint town is littered with covered bridges and historic steeple-churches, and features some unique Vermont boutique shops.

Ski Stowe 

Families will especially love a Stowe ski vacation, since the entire Spruce Peak base area was designed with them in mind. The Spruce Camp base lodge houses a children’s adventures center and a learn to ski or ride center, making it a great epicentercenter for beginner skiers or boarders. The area features a magic carpet, and two lifts that access only green runs. Spruce Peak is a great place for families of varying abilities, as the more advanced skiers and boarders can find several intermediate runs, as well as a couple black diamonds at the top of the mountain. Intermediates will have an absolute blast skiing off of Mount Mansfield, with sustained groomers like Gondolier or Perry Merrill. All the chairlifts from the Mansfield Base Lodge area access plenty more blue runs for intermediates looking to explore. Experts have a great gladed area called Waterfall just off the top of the Gondola. Experts in search of challenging, bumped-out steeps should head up Fourrunner Quad.  

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