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  • 419 cm of annual snowfall
  • 332 total skiable hectacres
  • Top elevation 957 m, base 244 m
  • 21% beginner, 32% intermediate, 23% advanced, 3% expert
  • Projected opening: 26/10/2013
  • ProjectedClosing 21/04/2014
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Sunday River Ski Resort

Known for its dependable snow, Sunday River boasts some of the most diverse terrain in the Eastern United States. Its 131 trails are serviced by a modern lift system consisting of 18 lifts which include four high-speed quads and the only Chondola—half high-speed six person lift, half gondola—in New England. Sunday River’s sprawling terrain is divided over eight peaks: White Cap, Locke Mountain, Barker Mountain, Spruce Peak, Aurora Peak, Oz and Jordan Bowl. All are and easy to navigate and the majority feature terrain for every level of skier or snowboarder.

This Maine resort has the most slopeside lodging in the East, so all of its impressive terrain is very accessible no matter where you stay. Choose from hundreds of ski in, ski out condominiums, all conveniently located around the resort and ranging in size from studios to three-bedroom units. Each unit has all the comforts of home and each complex has either an indoor or outdoor heated pool.
Free public shuttles provide access to the vast number of dining, shopping and activity options both at the resort and in the nearby village of Bethel. Night-skiing, tubing, ice skating and live entertainment every weekend makes a Sunday River ski vacation one that everyone will enjoy, and remember for years to come.

Ski Sunday River

Renowned in the East, Sunday River’s White Cap—the peak on looker’s left side of the resort—is known for its more difficult terrain and is the place to go for steeps, glades. “White Heat,” which is located just below the White Cap chairlift, is the resort’s infamous bump run. Obsession is also a favorite on White Cap and features lots of rolls and variations in pitch.

Lockee Mountain, Sunday River’s original peak, is mostly blue and includes favorites like Monday Morning, Cascades and Sunday Patch. It’s also where jibbers and freestylers will find the Superpipe and the Rocking Chair terrain park. Barker Mountain, Spruce Peak, Aurora Peak, Oz and even Jordan Bowl all feature green runs from their summit, allowing beginner skiers the opportunity to explore a significant chunk of Sunday River’s terrain.

Call—or chat with—one of’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists to learn more about this beloved East Coast resort. 

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"SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 18, "TemperatureLow": 0 }, { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-09-25T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 19, "TemperatureLow": 7 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-26T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 21, "TemperatureLow": 9 }, { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-09-27T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 22, "TemperatureLow": 0 } ], "Pressure": 1013, "ReportingCity": "Bethel", "ReportingState": "ME", "ReportingCountry": "US", "CurrentTemperature": 9, "CurrentVisibility": 6.4, "CurrentWindDirection": "ENE", "CurrentWindForce": 0, "CurrentWindGustForce": 3, "Id": "sunday-river", "Culture": null }, "SnowToday": { "SkiArea": { "TotalLifts": 15, "TotalLiftsOpen": 0, "SkiableArea": 332, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Sunday River", "Route": "/sunday-river", "Id": 194, "Culture": null }, "Id": "sunday-river", "Culture": null }, "Resort": { "Name": "Sunday River", "Route": "/sunday-river", "Id": 194, "Culture": null }, "BaseDepth": 0, "TopDepth": 0, "OffslopeBaseDepth": 0, "OffslopeMidDepth": 0, "OffslopeTopDepth": 0, "IsOpen": true, "PercentageLiftsOpen": 0, "PercentageOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenExpertRuns": 0, "NumberOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "NumberOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "NumberOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "NumberOpenExpertRuns": 0, "ReportedSnowfall": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast48": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast72": 0, "Date": "2014-09-18T06:00:00Z", "TemperatureBottom": 0, "TemperatureTop": 0, "TemperatureMax": 50.4, "TemperatureMin": 32.4, "VisibilityTop": null, "VisibilityBottom": null, "WindDirectionTop": null, "WindDirectionBottom": null, "WindForceBottom": 0, "WindForceTop": 0, "Id": "sunday-river", "Culture": null }, "SkiArea": { "TrailMaps": null, "AnnualSnowfall": 419, "SkiableArea": 332, "BaseElevation": 244, "TopElevation": 957, "PercentageBeginnerRuns": 21, "PercentageIntermediateRuns": 32, "PercentageAdvancedRuns": 23, "PercentageExpertRuns": 3, "ProjectedOpeningDate": "2013-10-26T00:00:00Z", "ProjectedCloseDate": "2014-04-21T00:00:00Z", "OnTheSnowId": 443, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ -70.8707854, 44.46763572 ] }, "NumberOfDoubleChairLifts": 1, "NumberOfTripleChairLifts": 3, "NumberOfQuadChairLifts": 5, "NumberOfGondolas": 1, "NumberOfHighSpeedQuadChairLifts": 4, "NumberOfHighSpeedSixChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfSurfaceLifts": 1, "VerticalDrop": 713, "YearOpened": 1959, "HasNordic": true, "HasSkiing": true, "HasTerrainPark": true, "LiftCapactiy": 32000, "TotalRuns": 135, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Sunday River", "Route": "/sunday-river", "Id": 194, "Culture": null }, "Id": "sunday-river", "Culture": null } }, "useMetres": "true", "tempUnit": "C", "depthUnit": "cm", "unitFormat": "metric", "distanceUnit": "km", "areaUnit": "hectacres", "elevationUnit": "m", "TemperatureHigh": 18, "TemperatureLow": 13, "ReviewCount": 0 }